The Shiny System

Hey y'all, we're a DID system of 20+ alters and counting.
Chinese American / Biologically 20s / Diagnosed DID / Diagnosed ADHD / Polyamorous
Discord Emoji Legend

Last updated: Sept 14, 2022

Discord Emoji Legend

πŸ’« - Morphe
πŸ’– - Ricky
πŸ’œ - Lyni
πŸ’š - Andi
πŸ’™ - Percy
πŸ’­ - Gary
πŸ’› - Macy
✨️ - Essie
✏️ - Tracy
⚑️ - KC
❀️ - Ruby
πŸ”₯ - Remy
πŸ•―οΈ - Lumi
🍭 - Candy
🧑 - Jerry
🌿 - Ivy
1️⃣ - 01
πŸ’Œ - Senti
πŸ’§ - Dewey
❄️ - Yuki
🌸 - Cherry
β˜• - Frankie
🀍 - Carrie
🎭 - Eri
πŸŒ™ - Guangli
πŸ‘‘ - Finley
πŸŽ€ - Vivi
♦️ - Maxie

System Members

Hosts and Frequent Fronters

Name: Morphe (short for Morpheus)
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Crimson
Age: 10
Role: Current host and reformed persecutory part, originally an "imaginary friend", sometimes internally a mouse

Name: Ricky
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Cyan
Age: 27
Role: One of the co-hosts, handles chores and tries to make others like him, the "supposed adult"

Name: Lyni
Pronouns: She/They (He/Him fine)
Color: Purple
Age: forever 12
Role: One of the co-hosts, the "social butterfly" who handles hanging out and getting to know people

Name: Andi
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Green
Age: 27
Role: Emotional protector, reminds the system of tasks that need to be done, originally an Allen Walker introject.

Name: Percy
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Sky
Age: 17
Role: One of the co-hosts, tends to take care of job stuff and generally holds a sense of responsibility, the "work alter"

Name: Gary
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Gray
Age: Ageless (appears 14)
Role: "Memory Manager" who keeps an archive in his wizard's tower, and babysitter for the Frequent Fronters

Semi-Frequent Fronters

Name: Macy
Pronouns: She/Her
Color: Yellow
Age: 5
Role: Youngest little in the system, holds the system's sense of innocence and child-like desires

Name: Essie
Pronouns: They/Them
Color: Lime
Age: 12
Role: Holds a lot of nervous energy, was dormant from 2008 and became active again in 2022, trauma holder

Name: Tracy
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Coral
Age: 14
Role: Former introject of a middle school crush who no longer identifies with his source, was dormant from 2009-2022.

Name: KC
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Amber
Age: 8
Role: Holds a lot of nervousness and uncertainty, unknown role, dormant from college to present

Name: Ruby
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Red
Age: 15
Role: Peppy, excitable teenager with an impulsive streak. Wants to be independent but is very clingy

Name: Remy
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Scarlet
Age: 15
Role: Holds a lot of the teenage angst (and teenage edginess), teenage sass, and general frustration and annoyance

Name: Lumi
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Indigo
Age: 8-24 (age slider)
Role: Holds much of the system's self-doubt and self-loathing, wishes to be a different person

Name: Candy
Pronouns: She/He/They (mainly She/Her)
Color: Pink
Age: Unknown
Role: The "sexual alter", just wants the system to be honest about their most intimate desires

Name: Jerry
Pronouns: They/Them
Color: Orange
Age: Unknown
Role: Holds the system's anger, including both self-directed anger and external anger felt towards others

Name: Ivy
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Magenta
Age: 27
Role: Holds much of the system's SI and more intense symptoms of depression, fronts when the system is very stressed

Name: 01 (pronounced as ι›ΆδΈ€, AKA Oh-One in English)
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Beige
Age: 27
Role: Mandarin-speaking part who mainly deals with the parents and Mandarin-speaking adults

Rare and Non-Fronters

Name: Senti
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Silver
Age: 11
Role: Source of a lot of nostalgia and tendency to reminisce about the past, both good and bad times

Name: Dewey
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Blue
Age: 9
Role: Trauma holder who holds much of the system's anxiety and gender dysphoria

Name: Yuki
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Brown
Age: 14
Role: Teenage part who holds much of the system's shame, self-blame, and guilt and mainly keeps to herself

Name: Cherry
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Sakura
Age: 27
Role: Internally helps with self-soothing self-talk. Flamboyant, flirtatious, and very androgynous.

Name: Frankie
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Mocha
Age: 32
Role: Pseudo-introject of father, holds the desire to live up to what his father wanted him to grow up to be

Name: Carrie
Pronouns: She/They
Color: White
Age: Unknown
Role: Internal self-helper who helps calm down any distressed alters and looks after the littles

Name: Eri
Pronouns: They/Them
Color: Teal
Age: 7
Role: Form-shifting alter who takes the appearance of whoever they consider the "most important person" in their life

Name: Guangli (ιŠ§εŽ†), aka Xiaoli (ε°εŽ†, aka Little Li)
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Gold
Age: 6
Role: Holds childhood fears and anxieties, mainly a Mandarin-speaking alter, unknown trauma memories

Name: Finley
Pronouns: He/Him
Color: Emerald
Age: Unknown
Role: Holds both the narcissism of the system and also their deepest insecurities

Name: Vivi
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Violet
Age: Unknown
Role: A bit unsure of herself, slightly sassy and playful, unknown role

Name: Maxie
Pronouns: She/They
Color: Cream
Age: Unknown
Role: Holder of old religious beliefs and religious trauma, tends to be quiet and reserved

Inactive Members

Name: Kyubi
Pronouns: He/They (not that they care)
Color: n/a
Age: Unknown
Role: Introject of Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Source of comfort, non-human and non-speaking alter
Status: Fused with Carrie Jun 9, 2022

Name: Andi (fusion between Quincy and Andi)
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Green
Age: 17
Role: Emotional protector, holds the system's sense of self-worth and self-confidence
Status: Unfused back to Quincy and Andi Jun 27, 2022

Name: Randy
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Pink
Age: 27
Role: One of the co-hosts, handles much of the daily chores, keeps tabs on the system's intimate desires
Status: Unfused back to Ricky and Candy Sept 2, 2022

Name: Quincy
Pronouns: He/They
Color: Black
Age: 27
Role: Source of ego and self-confidence, was dormant from 2014-2022, the hopeless romantic
Status: Fused with Purple on Sept 11, 2022